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Cold Fire (Spiritwalker, #2)Book Review:  Cold Fire

Author:  Kate Elliott
Published:  September 2011
Series:  Spiritwalker #2
Genre:  Adult Fantasy

The Setting - Taken from Goodreads
Cat and her cousin are key players in a drama of dragons and politics. Everyone wants something from them - including the warlord who's conquering all Europa and the Cold Mages who dare defy him. But the Master of the Wild Hunt is most dangerous of all. He will command Cat's loyalty using what she holds most dear. In a world where science and magic are at war, one girl must save those she loves, or lose everything.

My Two Cents
If you managed to get through all 600 pages of Cold Magic and are still interested in this series then you are in luck.  Cold Fire is da bomb diggety!  I may go on and on in this review about Vai and Cat but know there is much more in this book than just the romance.  But how sweet it is!  Vai and Cat are separated for a time.  Cat makes some rather ill-informed decisions and boom, we have another mage against mage contest, winner takes Cat.  Now this really isn't a love triangle because no one can really EVER beat Vai in my opinion.  But it makes for some pretty interesting "Cat" fights between the two men.  Ha!  While Cat is trying desperately to not fall in love, she also has a predicament.  Who should she turn over to her father for the kill on Hallow's night?  It should be an easy choice right?  Who's ticked Cat off royally?  But the choice comes with consequences that will haunt her for the next book, and Cat has made more than one enemy.  Will her choice set her free or take everything she holds dear?  You'll have to read it yourself!  I'm awarding Cold Fire 5 out of 5 stars.

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