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Fortune's Pawn (Paradox, #1)Book Review:  Fortune's Pawn

Author:  Rachel Bach
Published:  November 2013
Series:  Paradox #1
Genre:  Adult Sci-Fi

The Setting - Taken from Goodreads
Devi Morris isn't your average mercenary. She has plans. Big ones. And a ton of ambition. It's a combination that's going to get her killed one day - but not just yet.

That is, until she just gets a job on a tiny trade ship with a nasty reputation for surprises. The Glorious Fool isn't misnamed: it likes to get into trouble, so much so that one year of security work under its captain is equal to five years everywhere else. With odds like that, Devi knows she's found the perfect way to get the jump on the next part of her Plan. But the Fool doesn't give up its secrets without a fight, and one year on this ship might be more than even Devi can handle.

If Sigouney Weaver in Alien met Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, you'd get Deviana Morris -- a hot new mercenary earning her stripes to join an elite fighting force. Until one alien bite throws her whole future into jeopardy.

My Two Cents
Finally!  A science fiction space story I can get behind!  These books are so hard to come by folks.  This is what I expected of These Broken Stars!  Devi is a no-nonsense type of female heroine.  She's driven and not afraid of a fight.  But the biggest fight she didn't plan on was falling in love.  And though there is romance in this book, it really takes a back seat to the action and mystery side of Fortune's Pawn.  I loved it, and the second book in this series is due out tomorrow, with the third expected in April.  You won't have to wait three years to finish a trilogy!  Woot, woot!  That right there is worth reading the series.  I'm giving Fortune's Pawn 4.5 out of 5 stars.  May the force force you into reading this book!  

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