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By Force (Forever Fae, #1)Book Review:  By Force

Author:  Sara Hubbard
Published:  January 2014
Series:  Forever Fae #1
Genre:  YA Fantasy

The Setting - Taken From Goodreads
Kidnapping Isame would set them free…

Isame wanted freedom: the freedom to travel, the freedom to explore, but most of all, the freedom to choose the life she wanted over the life—and the husband—her parents had chosen for her. But when Isame leaves home to accept another man’s proposal, she happens across five fierce, handsome warriors. She wonders why they’ve travelled so far from home, but she never imagines their purpose might have something to do with her. Not even after they kidnap her.

Remmie is a man of honor and fierce loyalty. So when his king commands him to find a specific young woman on the island of Copaxa, he’s prepared to obey. But he’s not prepared for the woman to change everything. Isame is special. He can see it from the start. But how can one puny woman make him question everything he’s always known, including the rightness of doing what he’s promised?

My Two Cents
I really wanted to love this.  But as much as I though I would love the fantasy and captivity aspect of By Force I really had to force myself to finish this book.  Here's what didn't work for me.  The "savages" were not really savage enough for me.  They have rumors of these men being brutal and merciless but all they really did to Isame was tie her up.  Yes, I'll give you one of the savages was rather unsavory.  Still, that leaves us with 4 out of 5 savages being rather kind.  And well, that takes the bad right out of bad guy.  All you have left is guy.  If that isn't enough, all of these savages now want to risk everything they have (possessions, family, etc) to protect the chatty Isame from the evil king.  Not really believable for me.  Onto savage named Remmie.  While handsome and kind, Isame falls for Remmie rather quickly.  Like Remmie utters 2 nice sentences and Isame is in love kind of fast.  And she said she couldn't possibly see herself settling down with anyone for years?  In a nut shell, By Force could have been amazing with some character building and perhaps a few plot changes (more emphasis on the "change of heart" the savages had).  I'm awarding By Force 2 out of 5 stars.      

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