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Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1)Book Review:  Poison Princess

Author:  Kresley Cole
Published:  October 2012
Series:  The Arcana Chronicles #1
Genre:  YA Dysopian/Paranormal

The Setting - Taken from Goodreads
Sixteen-year-old Evangeline "Evie" Greene leads a charmed life, until she begins experiencing horrifying hallucinations. When an apocalyptic event decimates her Louisiana hometown, Evie realizes her hallucinations were actually visions of the future—and they're still happening. Fighting for her life and desperate for answers, she must turn to her wrong-side-of-the-bayou classmate: Jack Deveaux.

But she can't do either alone.

With his mile-long rap sheet, wicked grin, and bad attitude, Jack is like no boy Evie has ever known. Even though he once scorned her and everything she represented, he agrees to protect Evie on her quest. She knows she can't totally depend on Jack. If he ever cast that wicked grin her way, could she possibly resist him?

Who can Evie trust?

As Jack and Evie race to find the source of her visions, they meet others who have gotten the same call. An ancient prophesy is being played out, and Evie is not the only one with special powers. A group of twenty-two teens has been chosen to reenact the ultimate battle between good and evil. But it's not always clear who is on which side.

My Two Cents 
I know.  Once again you are all wondering "what in tarnation is that girl reading"?  Well Goodreads gave this one high praises.  That's what I'm going with.  And while I'm certainly not going to give it high praises, it was definitely entertaining.  So much so that I'm willing to read the next installment...even though there's a high chance of a dreaded love triangle.  Here's the breakdown...

What I liked hands down was the world Cole created.  We see life for Evie both before and after the apocalypse.  Not very often in YA literature do we witness the apocalypse.  In fact a lot of novels usually start after the demise of civilization and work backwards to uncover what happened.  I loved Evie's powers and the powers of the other Arcana.  Evie's power is truly unique, something I have never read about and it thrills my soul people!  Now, onto the hating part of Poison Princess.  This book would have been ten times better with a worthy male lead.  I realize Cole is going for a pretty, bad boy who speaks french.  But Evie's relationship with Jack is borderline abusive (and it doesn't help that Jack is a heavy drinker and only a teenager).  Yikes!  Hence my agreeing to read on knowing I'll encounter a love triangle.  Hopefully the next boy is better than Jack (but yet his name is much better could he be???)  I'm giving Poison Princess 3.5 out of 5 stars.  Would have absolutely blown my socks off if a blood sucker got to Jack! 

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