Friday, September 20, 2013


The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault In Our Stars by John Green

After hearing non-stop awesome reviews I decided it was time to pick up and read The Fault In Our Stars.  I knew going into this book I would need a box of tissues, I just didn't realize I'd finish that box only 110 pages into the book.  Now I don't shy away from books that make me cry or end with anything but a happily-ever-after.  But The Fault In Our Stars literally ripped my heart out and had me crying a good hour, and I was only a third of the way through.  Augustus and Hazel are wholesome and sweet, and everything you hope your children will be as teenagers (minus the cancer).  The foreshadowing in this book leads you to believe one of these characters won't be so lucky in the end, I just realized who it was on page 110 and I really didn't cope well, hence why I havn't picked up this book in a few good weeks.  So, should I suck it up and finish The Fault In Our Stars?  Is it worth the trip to Sam's Club to buy an economy size of Kleenex's?   

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