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Maid of Secrets (Maids of Honor, #1)Book Review:  Maid of Secrets

Author:  Jennifer McGowan
Published:  May 2013
Series:  Maids of Honor #1
Genre:  YA Historical Fiction

The Setting - Taken from Goodreads
Seventeen-year-old Meg Fellowes is a wry, resourceful thief forced to join an elite group of female spies in Queen Elizabeth’s Court. There she must solve a murder, save the Crown, and resist the one thing that will become her greatest freedom–and her deadliest peril.

For Meg and her fellow spies are not alone in their pursuit of the murderer who stalks Windsor Castle.

A young, mysterious Spanish courtier, Count Rafe de Martine, appears at every turn in the dark and scandal-filled corridors of the Queen’s summer palace. And though secrets and danger are Meg’s stock-in-trade, she’s never bargained on falling in love…

My Two Cents
While I really didn't care for the cover, I absolutely loved Maid of Secrets.  However, my feelings may be somewhat biased seeing as I love this genre, and more specifically lady spies!  I was a little afraid this book may be too much like Grave Mercy, but the similarities between the two really end with the time period and assassin spies.  My favorite part of the book?  Meg and Rafe's interactions.  I'll try not to give anything away, but the teasing between the two will leave you squealing and reading on for more!  Of course the court intrigue and Meg's mysterious partner's in crime also helped to thicken the plot and keep things interesting.  If there's one downfall to this book it's the first half.  Talk about slow!  I appreciate the character and plot building, but things really didn't pick until after the first 200 pages.  Stick with it!  Rafe is sooo worth it!  Overall, Maid of Secrets was an entertaining read for me, 4.5 stars!  You'd enjoy this little-known-gem if you enjoyed Grave Mercy and possibly even Graceling, or if you're like me, you really like kick-butt assassins!  

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