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Contributor (Contributor, #1)Book Review:  Contributor

Author:  Nicole Ciacchella
Published:  September 2012
Series:  Contributor #1
Genre:  YA Dystopian

The Setting – Taken from Goodreads
One of only three students chosen for an elite, year-long apprenticeship, seventeen-year-old Dara Morrow is eager to excel in the high-stakes competition and prove herself a devoted Contributor. Success means a prosperous future with her Job Creator. Failure means losing her standing in society.
But Dara’s competition is ruthless, and her exacting master has little patience for her. When her mother is injured, Dara’s prospects become even more uncertain. If she can’t learn to navigate the hazards of the system, she risks not only her own safety, but that of all those she loves.

My Two Cents
First off I’d like to say that I received this book through NetGalley.  A special thanks to the publisher for allowing me to read this!  Now down to business.  I am internally conflicted with Contributor.  As a whole, the story was entertaining, even if the plot is exhausted with overuse in YA dystopian fiction these days.  Ciacchella especially piqued my interest with the separate, primitive community outside Dara’s living dome.  And really, since this is the first book of a series, I want to know more about the outside world, i.e. some world building in the next book please!  While I thought the characters were carefully constructed, Dara’s society and world needed more attention. 

But the biggest problem I had with this book was the too “perfect” characters or relationships.  I realize Ciacchella was trying to depict Dara’s ideal world and how it all came crumbling down.  However, she did such a good job perfecting people in Dara’s life that I felt disconnected from them, especially Dara’s boyfriend, father, and especially Raj and Letizia.  Why were Raj and Letizia so nice and accommodating to Dara?  And Dara’s father was practically jumping for joy to commit treason against his society.  Are there hidden motives or just sloppy characters?  Perhaps the next book will shed light on this, which I’m thinking I’ll read because of my curiosity for life outside the dome.  Overall, I’ll award Contributor 3.5 out of 5 stars.  You’d like Contributor if you enjoyed Under the Never Sky or Matched.

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