Friday, April 26, 2013


Haven (War of the Princes, #1)Haven by A.R. Ivanovich

I really enjoy war books where a prisoner falls in love with their captor.  Have I ever mentioned this?  So this book sounded like something I would love, especially as it was 99 cents on Amazon.  But within the first chapter I knew Ivanovich's writing and story line were not for me, even though I powered through and made it 30 percent into the book.  I will give Ivanovich some credit, I loved the world (or worlds) she created.  But in the end (or as far as I got to the end) the main character Katelyn really grated on my nerves and had me wishing I could "smack some sense" into her.  Katelyn's ability to find things was uncanny and predictable, and she literally could not sense danger if it hit her in the face (my review is turning really violent I've noticed).  She listened to no one and always expected to be rescued from her predicament (or at least really didn't try to escape).  And to top it all off, I thought I smelled a love triangle coming on.  Maybe I was wrong, and nothing happened, but for bratty Katelyn; I really didn't give a darn which male she fell for!  And that's what ended it.  So, has anyone out there read and loved Haven?  Should I finish or forget it?

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