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Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul, #1)Book Review:  Lord of the Fading Lands

Author:  C.L. Wilson
Published:  2007
Series:  Tairen Soul #1
Genre:  Adult Fantasy

After devouring Warprize and Daughter of the Forest, I was on a fantasy romance high.  I needed my next fantasy fix.  So I trusted Goodreads on this recommendation.  It seemed promising...except for maybe the cover.  I'm sorry to report that the cover was actually more entertaining than the actual book.  Boo!  I was so disappointed!  The Setting paragraph is straight from Goodreads, which probably means it's courtesy of the publisher.

The Setting
Long ago, in the magical holocaust known as the Mage Wars, the immortal Fey and their allies fought to defeat the grasping evil of the Elden Mages and their dark-gifted supporters. During those wars, in a fit of grief-induced madness caused by the death of his mate, Fey shapeshifter Rain Tairen Soul nearly destroyed the world in a blaze of tairen fire.
Now a thousand years later, a new threat calls him from the Fading Lands, back into the world that had cost him so dearly. Now an ancient, familiar evil is regaining its strength, and a new voice beckons him--more compelling, more seductive, more maddening than any before.

As the power of his most bitter enemy grows and ancient alliances crumble, the wildness in his blood will not be denied. The tairen must claim his truemate and embrace the destiny woven for him in the mists of time.

What I LIKED about this book
Hmmm.  Not much.  Give me a second and I'll think of something....nope, nothing's coming.

What I DISLIKED about this book
This storyline had potential, but was drowned by overwhelming sexual situations and an exhausting relationship between Rain and Elly.  Perhaps in the following books more action and plot development will take place but I was so turned off by the main characters that I'll never get to those.  There was too much "we're destined to be together so we must be in love" and because Rain is a leader, Elly was treated more like a prisoner than a mate.  She wasn't able to step out of Rain's shadow and be herself.  So Elly was smothered and Rain was insufferable.  And like I said before...sexual emotions and actions seemed to be the plot, or most of the book.  I would have liked a lot less sex and more self-discovery from Elly (and a little more swordplay and evil curses wouldn't hurt either).

Parting Thoughts
By some miracle was I able to finish Lord of the Fading Lands, so 2 out of 5 stars it'll be.  What a horrible way to finish my "adult" reading kick!  Next time I think I'll take some friend suggestions before I invest major reading time into these type of books.  I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone I know.  I'm sorry if I'm too harsh but I think Lord of the Fading Lands should be re-titled as Lord of My Fading Attention.  Ha!  I know I'd make it big as a comedian...

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