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Touch of Power (Healer, #1)Book Review:  Touch of Power

Author:  Maria V. Snyder
Published:  2011
Series:  Healer #1

I really enjoyed Poison Study, which happened to be written by Maria Snyder so I figured "what the hay", I'll pick up another one from her.  Honestly it had my M.O. written all over it; people possessing magical capabilities, handsome yet mysterious leader of a band of get the gist.

The Setting
Logically Avry should be revered instead of persecuted.  Yet she finds her self on the run once again because she healed a child.  Healers like Avry have been hunted down and killed for several years because it is thought they started the plague, a deadly disease that is even fatal to healers.  Caught, imprisoned and sentenced to hang in the morning, Avry suddenly is rescued by a by a small group of people who actually value what Avry can do.  There's a catch however. 
This group, led by the puzzling yet attractive Kerrick, plan on taking her to heal the prince they serve.  This same prince, who is actually "frozen" because he is in the early stages of the plague, is the same man who ordered the slaughter of Avry's people.  Let's just say Avry is not overly enthusiastic about healing this prince, especially because by doing so will cost Avry her life.  But which prince or leader wants peace rather than death from the crippled Territories?  Does Kerrick really know what he has asked Avry to do?  Will Avry lay down her life for a man she has grown up despising?

What I LIKED about this book
Kerrick and Avry.  I couldn't get enough of them, especially when they were together.  Their relationship felt genuine and Snyder took a good amount of time developing the romance.  Both Avry and Kerrick journey down a path of self-discovery during this book which is sometimes comical and sometimes painful.  I also liked questioning who I could trust during this book.  It had it's fair share of moles and slippery characters.

What I DISLIKED about this book
This book had some quirky fantasy aspects to it.  Giant flesh eating plants were both repulsive and fascinating at the same time.  Like most fantasy reads this one had loads of characters to keep track of , which had me back tracking several times.
And why oh why does Snyder insist on having the couples finally admitting their love for each other in the last few pages of the book?  It's insulting!  Why couldn't they have decided they liked each other half-way through?

Parting Thoughts
Overall I'm going to award Touch of Power 3.5 out of 5 stars.  It was entertaining, especially if you love fantasy and the whole mysterious captain of the guard thing (I know I do!).  I think I liked Poison Study just a little bit better, but the plot for each book sort of mirrors each other.  I don't think I'll read the next book in the series.  I read the description and apparently Kerrick and Avry go their separate ways to fight in the war that has been brewing.  They just got together and now they're going to spend the whole next book apart?  Oh wait, let me guess, they'll find each other in the last few pages.  I'm so not doing that again...       

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