Friday, February 8, 2013


Touching the SurfaceTouching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini

I find the premise for these afterlife books very intriguing.  That's part of the reason I requested Touching the Surface.  But similarly to the last afterlife book I read (Level 2), this one was really boring and the love triangle was becoming unbearable.  I really need action, fantasy or huge nagging questions to get into a book, and Touching the Surface didn't deliver this for me.  And I was a third of the way through!  Elliot was changing her mind already about which boy she liked depending on the minute and her poor defenseless best friend (who was a girl) was already in the middle.  No I couldn't go on.  Which is sad because I was really engrossed by the mystery of Elliot's life.  My husband was shocked, and I quote, "This is the second book in a week you havn't finished!  What is wrong with you?  Maybe you should stop reading altogether!".  In your dreams hun, nice try!  I'm just in a reading rut.  Can someone get me out of this rut and should I finish or forget Touching the Surface?

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