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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1)Book Review:  Angelfall

Author:  Susan Ee
Published:  2011
Series:  Penryn & the End of Days #1

Once again I find myself reading a book about angels.  I've already ranted to you guys about how cliche I feel these stories are.  So I'm very picky about the angel books I actually read.  This one had sky high ratings on Goodreads.  But I was still cautious, and because of this it took me a long time to pick up Angelfall.  However, I was totally blown away by this one...
The Setting
Penryn, along with her half-crazed mother and handicapped sister, are on the run to a new hiding spot.  The world as we know it has been decimated by angels, and those left alive are either scrounging for food or pillaging and killing with the street gangs.  Penryn and her family have almost made it to the safety of the hills when an angel with snow white wings slams to the earth in front of them.  Horror grips Penryn as other angels arrive, grab the snowy white angel and rip off his wings.  Penryn runs to help the injured angel but quickly realizes one of the others has grabbed her sister and is flying away.  They just took her sister to heaven right? 
Wrong!  Determined to get her sister back, Penryn grabs the injured snow white angel and nurses him back to health.  And her way of "nursing" involves some unpleasantness.  But Penryn grew up learning how to defend herself and will not give up hope.  Striking a deal with the angel is no easy task, but if they succeed, Penryn could get her sister back and Raffe, the angel, could have his wings back as well.  But at what cost to each of them?  Why are the angels on earth and why won't they leave?  And how is it that Raffe can be so darn good looking? (Okay it's not one of THOSE types of books, but he is an angel after all.)

What I LIKED about this book
While there is an interesting relationship between Raffe and Penryn, this book does not read like a romance or even a fluffy fairy tale.  Think of it more as the angels strike back and Franken-angel.  There are some dark parts in this book and especially at the end.  But I think that's what I loved about this book.  
I loved Penryn.  This is a book with with a kick-butt female lead, a girl who can handle herself and really doesn't need anyone else to rescue her.  She's resourceful and loyal.  And not too swayed by Raffe's shocking good looks.
Susan Ee left me with questions after reading this book.  It wasn't that the book wasn't complete or she didn't tie up any loose ends, it just left me wanting to know more.  And wondering how our protagonists will come together again.     

What I DISLIKED about this book
The sequel still isn't out?  Rude!

Parting Thoughts
Overall I'm going to award Angelfall 5 out of 5 stars.  It was utterly awesome.  I had no hangups with the storyline and I loved the two main characters.  I need to warn you though that this is a darker book.  Angelfall sometimes flirted with the horror genre, especially at the end.  But it was nice to stretch my brain from the sometimes Disney YA genre.  I think this book will appeal to fans of fantasy (not for the weak of heart) and a little bit to the romance fans.  Okay Susan Ee.  It's been 2 years since Angelfall.  Where is my sequel?     

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