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Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)Book Review:  Throne of Glass

Author:  Sarah J. Maas
Published:  2012
Series:  Throne of Glass #1

After rave reviews from bloggers I decided to read Throne of Glass.  I'm not sure why I hesitated on this one for so long, it sounded like my cup of tea, a beautiful trained assassin, court intrigue and a courageous captain of the guard.  But I finally did reserve it at the library and I think I have mixed reviews...

The Setting
Celaena, infamous Adarlan assassin, consequently has found herself captured and imprisoned at a brutal salt mine.  Beaten and starved Celaena's luck changes one day when the captain of the royal guard takes her to meet the Crown Prince of Adarlan.  And he isn't there to hang her
Dorian has an offer Celaena finds hard to refuse; come to the castle and defeat twenty-three warriors to become the greatest assassin in the kingdom and freedom can be hers in a few short years.  But once at the castle everything is not as it seems.  The Crown Prince is witty and compassionate, nothing like the oppressive King and the captain of the guard, Chaol, despite his harsh training tactics wants nothing more than to protect Celaena.  Mysteriously however, competitors are being gruesomely killed, and a magic that was once thought destroyed is calling to Celaena.  Will Celaena figure out the secrets of the castle before they claim her own life?  Does she have the skills and desire to defeat the other assassins in the duel?

What I LIKED about this book
I loved the court intrigue and the secrets possessed by the castle.  Like Grave Mercy, Throne of Glass contained a fantasy thrill to the plot.  It was a bit dark in places but I loved the uncertainty and the promise of magic in the upcoming sequel.  I loved Chaol.  I thought he was a true gentleman; he was kind in places yet strong.  I think he was exactly what Celaena needed.  Too bad she was obsessed with the Crown Prince most of the time...

What I DISLIKED about this book
It took me awhile to get used to Celaena's personality, but once I got acclimated to her arrogant and bossy character I actually enjoyed her a lot.  Her vanity did lead to a relationship with the Crown Prince, who I grew to love, but of course I was swooning over Chaol.  Hence the love triangle...which I loathe.  I also thought the book was a bit long, I'm not sure what to cut out but I definitely stand by this opinion.

Parting Thoughts
Overall I'll give Throne of Glass 4 out of 5 stars.  Not as good, in my opinion as Grave Mercy.  I hate to compare, but I still love Lafevers' work better.  Still a good read especially if you love fantasy, castles and strong female assassin heroines.  This being said I will read more in this series.  Maas leaves us with the promise of more magical encounters, an even more evil King and the possibility of a relationship for Celaena.  And I'm a sucker...when I'm promised these things I can't stay away.      

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