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Defiance (Defiance, #1)Book Review:  Defiance

Author:  C.J. Redwine
Published:  2012
Series:  The Courier's Daughter #1

Ummmm, cool cover!  And the story is about a beautiful girl who can actually fight in a setting where dragon like creatures terrorize the land?  Count me in!  I totally picked up this book because the premise sounded intriguing.

The Setting 
Rachel is in a predicament; her father is missing in the wasteland (officially pronounced as dead), the commander of her city would rather kill her and above all her father left her in the sole custody of the handsome Logan McEntire.  This wouldn’t entirely suck except for the fact that Rachel can’t stand Logan. 
Her feelings might be different if he hadn’t turned her down when she professed her love for him two years ago.  But after a botched escape attempt to cross the wall, Rachel must rely on Logan for not only stability and hope, but to track her father if he is indeed alive in the wasteland.  While escaping the city doesn’t exactly go as planned, Rachel must find her father, keep the package he’s hiding from falling into the wrong hands, save Logan, kill the commander and free the people of Baalboden.  What a to-do list!  At least that’s the plan.  But what will freedom and love cost the young and desperate Rachel? 

What I LIKED about this book
There was never a dull moment.  It had me hooked from the first page to the last one.  I liked the world Redwine created, with the desolation, the dragon-like creatures and the technology Logan created.  It was fascinating.  I liked the idea that a boy had turned Rachel down, only to find he really loves and cares for her as they complete obstacles together.  I think this romance is most similar to real life versus a lot of the love triangle YA books.

What I DISLIKED about this book
Where I liked the uses of technology in this book I did find the tracking devices somewhat unbelievable.  I also wish Logan would have waited just a little bit longer in the book to start having feelings for Rachel.  It would have made the chemistry between the two more believable.  And it also felt like overkill when he finally did admit he loved her, going from a boy who couldn’t talk to Rachel about his feelings to spilling his guts out by the end of the book.

Parting Thoughts 
Overall I'll give Defiance 4 out of 5 stars.  I can’t wait for the sequel.  And I need another dragon-like type book while I wait.  Seraphina has just jumped to the top of my to-read list while I wait.  Defiance will appeal to mystery, romance, and fantasy fans alike and will have you hooked until the end. 

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