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Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy, #1)Book Review:  Unspoken

Author:  Sarah Rees Brennan
Published:  2012
Series:  The Lynburn Legacy #1

I picked up Unspoken because of the good reviews from fellow book bloggers.  It also doesn’t hurt that I love the cover!

The Setting
 Kami is a teenager living in Sorry-in-the-Vale England.  Her town dates back to the 1400's with Aurimere House looming over the city just as long.  The Lynburns are the founders of Sorry-in-the-Vale but have not taken up residence in Aurimere House for
quite some time.  This all changes however when the Lynburns move back and dark secrets start circling the town about their return and their past. 

Amidst all of this is the very inquisitive and out spoken Kami who has a secret of her own:  she can communicate in her mind with a boy named Jared.  When she realizes that the boy in her head and Jared Lynburn are one and the same, her life dramatically changes.    Mysterious things start happening in Sorry-in-the-Vale, some of which include Jared’s family, and soon the town and the woods become alive and dangerous. 

There are so many juicy twists in this book; I don’t want to give anything away!  In order to save herself and those she loves, Kami must identify a killer and determine if her connection to Jared is fate or a horrible mistake.

What I LIKED about this book 
I LOVED the characters and the rich Gothic setting.  Brennan's writing was phenomenal, I was laughing out loud during most of the book!  It was not an insta-romance between Jared and Kami, although it really could have been…and I am so grateful that it was not.  Don’t get your hopes up romance fanatics; there wasn't any snogging (a family favorite term meaning kissing) going on.  Shocked?  I was too!  And most of all, I LOVED the fantasy element to this book (I really can’t say more than that or I’ll give away the shocking elements of Unspoken).

What I DISLIKED about this book
Hmmmm… I’m drawing a blank here.  I loved the book that much!

Parting Thoughts
Overall I'll give Unspoken 5 out of 5 stars.  I loved every page and character.  Fans of fantasy and romance will love Unspoken.  There is a sequel to this book…thank goodness!  Maybe some snogging from Kami and Jared?  One can only hope!

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