Friday, December 28, 2012


Through to YouBook Review:  Through to You

Author:  Emily Hainsworth
Published:  2012
Series:  No

I picked up this book because of all the rave reviews out there from fellow book nerds.  It's not a book I would pick up otherwise, usually I read to escape “normal” and be lost in a world of paranormal, utter destruction or witchcraft.  I should have stuck to my guns on this one…

The Setting
Everything in Cam’s life is tragic.  His leg is injured preventing him from playing football, his parents are divorced and now the love of his life, Viv, is dead, mostly because of him.  Cam can’t shake the feelings of regret, or leave Viv’s memorial until he sees a mysterious green light projecting from a girl he’s never seen before but undoubtedly knows HIM.
Things take a turning point when this girl, Nina, shows up on Cam’s doorstep claiming everything in his world looks the same but is different from the world she knows.  Determined to find the truth, Cam follows Nina through the green light to find an alternate universe, where Viv is still alive.  But is everything as it seems?  What kind of lives do Cam, Viv, and Nina lead in this alternate world?

What I LIKED about this book
Initially, I liked the concept.  I thought an alternate universe might be interesting, and I wondered how the characters would be different in each world. 

What I DISLIKED about this book
Most of it.  Sorry.  So NOT a fan.  I needed more action, more exchanges between Nina and Cam and more fantasy.  Like I mentioned before, I need a book that will transport me into a world of fantasy, and this was not it.  I hated how love sick Cam was.  I realize his life was terrible but I could do with less pouting from him.

Parting Thoughts
Overall I’m going to give this book 2 out of 5 stars.  I think Through to You will appeal to a truly young adult audience; I just didn’t want to read a book about how unfair life is in high school.

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