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The Lost GirlBook Review:  The Lost Girl

Author:  Sangu Mandanna
Published:  2012
Series:  Perhaps??

I picked this book up because I heard dazzling reviews from other book bloggers.  And the fact that it is a dystopian novel helped too!

The Setting 
Eva is an echo, a person made artificially by weavers.  She was made as a sort of twin for Amarra, a girl Eva has never met and who she will take her place if anything is to ever happen to Amarra.  Eva’s sole task in life is to study and learn Amarra’s every move; she is not allowed
to leave her town, eat what she wants or even name herself.  Eva dreams of living her own life even if the weavers won’t allow it.  While Eva is in “training”, she starts to fall in love with her teenage guardian Sean.  Suddenly Amarra is killed and Eva must leave the only town and family she’s known and is forced to live Amarra’s life.  Leading Amarra’s life now means filling the void for her new family in grief and loving Amarra’s boyfriend Ray who has no idea she is an echo.  As Eva’s acting skills are imperfect, soon her secret begins to unravel and everyone learns she is an echo of Amarra.  In an unexpected turn of events, Eva must choose if she will flee and live the life she’s dreamed of living (perhaps with Sean), or stay and continue to act out Amarra's life until her eminent death in one year. 

What I LIKED about this book
This book is an original; I have never read anything like this storyline.  There was a chance for a love-triangle, but thank heavens it didn’t ever really go there, or perhaps it felt different because she was forced to try and love someone from Amarra’s life.  I loved Mandanna’s writing.  Her writing was beautifully crafted together, thoughtful and descriptive.

What I DISLIKED about this book 
I felt the first part of this book was slow while the last part was a little too fast. 

Parting Thoughts
Overall I will give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.  I loved the originality of this book and the fresh perspective on what it means to live life freely.  I would recommend this book to anyone interested in dystopian and/or YA romance novels.  However I feel that those of you out there who are sick of the surge in dystopian novels recently will love Mandanna’s storyline and new outlook on loss of life.  I’ve heard that if The Lost Girl is profitable and successful there may be a sequel.  Let's hope!  I would love to check in on Eva!

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